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7 Part Diff Hematology Analyzer


SF Cube is a path breaking technology for reliable blood cell analysis, including WBC differential, Reticulocytes and NRBC with efficient flagging. After reaction with proprietary reagents, the targeted blood cells undergo 3D analysis using information from scatter of laser light at two angles and fluorescence signals. The 3D scatter gram builds the power to better identify and differentiate blood cell populations, especially to reveal abnormal cell population undetected by other techniques.


Unique SF Cube technology combined with laser scatter and fluorescence
3 dimension cell analysis for WBC 5-part, RET and NRBC, up to 33 reportable parameters
Up to 125 samples per hour, 100 sample tubes loading capacity
Focusing Flow-DC method optimizes the histogram of RBC and PLT
Optional optical PLT counting
Excellent distinguishing ability on immature cells


5 Part Diff Hematology Analyzer

  • 5-part differentiation, 29 parameters,
  • 2 histograms + 2 scattergrams
  • Up to 90 samples per hour
  • Laser scatter + Chemical dye + Flow ¬†cytometry technology
  • Independent channel and optical method for Basophil measurement
  • Powerful capability to flag abnormal cells
  • Optional autoloader, barcode scanner
  • Large TFT touch screen
  • Large storage capacity: up to 40,000 samples ¬†Recommended or customizable decision ¬†rules to re-exam abnormal samples
  • Support uni- or bi-directional LIS


29 parameters: WBC, Lym%, Mon%, Neu%, Bas%, Eos%, Lym#, Mon#, Neu#, Eos#, Bas#, RBC, HGB, HCT,           MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-CV, RDW-SD, PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT, P-LCR, P-LCC. 4 Research parameters include           LIC%, LIC#, ALY%, ALY# 2 Histograms for RBC and PLT 2 Scatter grams: 4-differential scatter gram,             Basophil scatter gram



5 Part Diff Hematology Analyzer



  • Semi-conductor laser scatter combined with chemical dye method ¬† ¬† and advanced _ow cytometry
  • 27 parameters for complete 5-part di_erentiation (CBC+DIFF) on ¬† ¬† white blood cells including immature cells
  • Compact and no external air pump to avoid noise
  • 20 őúl blood sampling for CBC+DIFF test while 15Ul for CBC test
  • Up to 60 samples per hour throughput
  • Supports both whole blood and capillary blood samples
  • Windows software with at least 40,000 storage for patient results and 60 _les for QC data
  • Customization on reference range, auto-cleaning schedule and report format
  • Support bi-directional LIS connection




P 3 Part Diff Hematology Analyzer

  • Three-part differentiation of WBC, 19 parameters +3 histograms
  • Two counting modes: whole blood and prediluted
  • Throughput: 60 samples per hour
  • Micro sampling of 13 ul
  • Automatic diluting, lyzing, mixing, rinsing and unclogging
  • Storage for up to 35,000 sample results (including histograms)
  • Large Color LCD Display



WBC , Lymph # , Mid # , Gran # , Lymph# , Mid % , Gran % , Lymph % , RBC , HGB , HCT , MCV ,      MCH , MCHC , RDW-CV , RDW-SD , PLT , MPV ,PDW , PCT and Histogram for WBC , RBC , PLT



3 Part Diff Hematology Analyzer


  • Three-part differentiation of WBC, 19 parameters +3 histograms
  • Two counting modes: whole blood and prediluted
  • Throughput: 30 samples per hour
  • Sample volume: 13 ul (whole blood)
  • Storage for up to 20,000 sample results (including histograms)
  • Large Color LCD Display

SC 120

Slide Maker & Stainer

Reliable automation, High-class blood smear


SC-120 is a standalone unit and it could also be integrated into the Mindray CAL 8000 cellular analysis line.



CAL 8000

Cellular Analysis Line Smarter Hematology workstation, Simpler workflow

CAL 8000 is the Cellular Automation Line which integrates 1-4 units of BC-6800 hematology analyzers plus 0-2 units ofSC-120 slide maker & stainersinto oneline. The track on the trolley can deliver the sample tubes into different BC-6800s or SC-120s by the pre-defined criteria.




  • Random access
  • Cost-effective system
  • Results in 20 min
  • Safe
  • compact design
  • Only 1 ml of blood




  • ESR Directly from EDTA Tubes Complete Sample Traceability
  • No Sample Contact Works with any Brand/Type of EDTA Tubes
  • No Sample Consumption Walk-away System
  • No Production of Waste Fluids User-friendly User Interface
  • Maximized Operator Safety LIS Compatible
  • 30 results per analytical cycle Environmentally Friendly / Batch mode

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