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Hamdan Medical Company(HMA)  provides comprehensive service solutions to our customers timely and efficiently, including technical support, spare parts support, training, field service, upgrade, warranty extension, service contract and on demand service.

Technical Support

HMA service representative provides technical support regarding application and breakdown calls to customers and distributors via phone, mail, orally, or by going to site itself.

Spare Parts Support

HMA has enough spare parts inventory for all products for at least 2 years after production is officially stopped.


HMA  provide different levels of training to customers, distributors and service partners including marketing, operation, application and troubleshooting, etc.

Field Service

HMA service representatives provide preventive maintenance, calibration, breakdown repair and other field services on request.



HMA has various upgrade solutions as an added-value service to meet customer’s requirements for function, application or performance.



HMA offers a warranty for it's instruments.



Warranty  Exemptions

HMA obligation or liability under this warranty does not include any transportation or other charges or liability for direct,indirect or consequential damages or delay resulting from the improper use or application of the product or the use of parts or accessories not approved by HMA or repairs by people other than HMA authorized personnel.

This warranty shall not extend to:

. Malfunction or damage caused by improper use or man-made failure.

. Malfunction or damage caused by unstable or out-of-range power input.

. Malfunction or damage caused by force majeure such as fire and earthquake.

. Malfunction or damage caused by improper operation or repair by unqualified or unauthorized service people.

. Malfunction or damage caused by use of parts or accessories not approved by HMA „Äā

. Malfunction of the instrument or part whose serial number is not legible enough.

. Others not caused by instrument or part itself.

Service Contract

HMA offer a multiform service contract to customers. Please contact our company for details.

On Demand Service

HMA  provide an on demand service to customers  by agreement.

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